Hello World I'm, Dheeraj Vashista

Founder & CEO @ Sec Tech Creation | Certified Ethical Hacker | Cyber Security Trainer | Cyber Security Researcher | Cyber Security Speaker | Penetration Tester

About Me

Hey World, I am Dheeraj Vashista. Here a little about me :)

I am a Cyber Security Enthusiast and a Hacker with an Ethical mindset as well as I am the Founder and CEO at Sec Tech Creation.
I'm very passionate about Cyber Security & IT. I love to teach students about Cyber Security and Information Technology. I'm also using my knowledge to remove this cyber-crime from our world using my Cyber Security Awareness Programme. Till now I have trained a lot of students about Cyber Security. The majority of my student are Masters and Graduates. I am also doing Consulting and Counseling for students that how they can make their career in the field of Cyber Security & IT.
I am having experience in Web Application Security, Android Application Security, Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing, IoT Security, RFID Pentesting and Automotive Security. I am experienced with tools like burp suite, Nessus, Nmap, Pentest tools, RTL-SDR, HackRF One, BladeRf, CAN Bus, Arduino Uno, Nodemcu, Raspberry pi Zero | Three, and of course with Kali Linux & some GitHub open source tools like Amass, Aquatone…etc many more for finding the vulnerabilities in the web application, mobile application and IoT Products.

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Cyber Security Trainings

Ethical Hacking

Web & Mobile Penetration Testing


Python & Bash

Security Tools - Burp Suite, Nmap, Metasploit, Sqlmap & Others



Founder and Chief Executive Officer

October 2021 - Present

Providing Cyber Security Sevices, Trainings, Workshops and Seminars.

Kavanant Global

Cyber Security Engineer

Feb 2023 - Sep 2023

VAPT, Application Security (Web,Android & API)

Culinda Inc.

Cyber Security Researcher

March 2022 - May 2023

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Creation Institute

Syatem Administrator

January 2021 - Present

Managing whole IT infra of th e Institute.


Cyber Security Trainer

July 2021 - June 2022

Teaching Cyber Security to UG, PG and Corporate Students.

Secure Web Designers

Founder and CEO

March 2021 - June 2022

Developing and Designing Higly Secure Websites for Schools, Colleges and Startups.


Freelance Web Developer

April 2020 - June 2022

Designing and Developing Websites.


Security Researcher

May 2021 - October 2021

Bug Hunting.


Security Researcher

May 2021 - October 2021

Bug Hunting.

Certifications & Achievements


eLearn Security

Credential ID: 7310498

Verify Certficate

Certified Ethical Hacker (Practical)


Credential ID: ECC7936854210

Verify Certficate

Certified AppSec Practitioner (CAP)

The SecOps Group

Credential ID: 6903504

CTF Player Top 1%

Try Hack Me

Username : mrcyberexpert

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Offencive Firmware Pentesting


Credential ID: D4C000DDA1752AE2E92D38E73C272C3733E39E34

SDR for Ethical Hackers and Security Researchers


Credential ID: UC-e1f16df6-efb7-4004-965e-9c248c89f303

Verify Certficate

Cyber Security Professional Course


Credential ID: CS|2020|86696

Verify Certficate

Getting Started with DevOps


Credential ID: 3745397

Verify Certficate

Offensive Bug Bounty Hunter 2.0 [BBHv2]


Credential ID: D917B7CD1A5171DEEC621D8CFE717984FA70548F

Offensive Bug Bounty Hunter 1.0 [BBHv1]


Credential ID: 5C88F4E4268A0B03BF082DB91E4200CE913AE256

Android Bug Bounty Hunting


Credential ID: 20223567

Verify Certficate

Ethical Hacking Essentials (EHE)


Credential ID: 20223688

Verify Certficate

Python for Absolute Beginners


Credential ID: 20223712

Verify Certficate

SQL Injection Attacks


Credential ID: 20223714

Verify Certficate

Website Hacking Techniques


Credential ID: 20223716

Verify Certficate

Practical Ethical Hacking - The Complete Course

TCM Security

Verify Certficate

Talks & Sessions

Bug Bounty Vs Pentsting

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Increasing Cyber Crime Against Women | Preventions | Legal Actions

SEC TECH CREATION in collorabation with Cyber Safe Bagpat
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Bachelor's in Technology (Cyber Security)

Sushant Universit, Gurugram

2021 - 2024

Senior Secondary

DSM Public School, Asawari

Mar 2020 - May 2021


DSM Public School, Asawari

Mar 2018 - Jul 2019

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